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July 21, 2022

Woundless Summer: 10 Tips to Keep Feet Woundless All Summer (Free Poster and Contest)

Kallie Christensen

Ahh... Summer. Long hot days enjoying too much sun, sand between the toes, and the delicious benefits of outdoor cooking. The laid-back vibes in these months are not the easiest to create when trying to thwart off a wound from coming on. Actually, the patients most at risk of developing a chronic wound are dealing with a strong undertow of conditions, like diabetes, and that can be a real buzz kill when it comes to summer fun.

Luckily, the surf is still up for those patients, just with some extra precautions. Before paddling out to the horizon, use the below tips for a solid tow-in to a Woundless Summer.

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10 Tips to Keep Your Feet Woundless All Summer

  1. Don’t Walk Outside Barefoot 

    Broken glass, rocks, trash or debris can perforate the skin and cause infection. Walking on hot sidewalks or sand can quickly cause blisters or burns on the feet
  1. Always Wear Properly-Fitted Shoes 

    If needed, ask your physician about special diabetic shoes, custom inserts and socks to keep your feet healthy while you remain active
  1. Mindful of Campfires 

    Be mindful of sitting too close to campfires, feet and legs can easily burn if not monitored. Especially those with neuropathy.
  1. Examine Feet Daily 

    Examine the tops and bottoms of your feet each day and keep your toenails clipped straight across and filed 
  1. Stay Hydrated 

    This may help with foot swelling from heat or exercise and improve circulation
  1. Monitor Blood Glucose 

    Proper levels of blood glucose, A1C labs, consume a healthy diet, and use medication as prescribed
  1. Dry Your Feet 

    Feet that have been submerged in water for too long become susceptible to skin-tears and blisters. Take “dry-out” breaks when spending time in the water this summer. 
  1. Avoid Fireworks

    Avoid lighting fireworks, their sparks and explosion can be unpredictable, causing a serious burn
  1. Check your Flip Flops

    Debris can easily get stuck between your sandal and foot while wearing flip flops. Check them often or avoid wearing them. 
  1. Monitor Food and Alcohol

    Fatty foods and alcohol cause inflammation in the body, and make the skin more susceptible to breaking-down.

For a Woundless Summer to never end, practice prevention and always be prepared for the day ahead. 

“Packing for the journey was important. Six pairs of trunks, two boxes of wax, some modern sounds, and in case of injury, one bandaid.”  - Endless Summer (1965)

But maybe throw in an extra bandaid or two!


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