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October 10, 2023

Why Woundle? How Gamification Enhances Wound Care Education Engagement (Part II)

Kallie Christensen

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In a previous blog, we explored the educational strategies we at Wound Care Advantage have implemented within our network using gamification and positive reinforcement. Since then, because of the outstanding success of our Luvo Points program, we’ve continued redefining what wound care education can look like. And to us, it came down to entertainment and relevancy. However, entertainment can come in many forms, and we knew that we wanted something simple and fun that could still provide valuable education. 

Rather than trying to reinvent the wheel, we went with what we know works. Actual games. So, the first Wound Care Word Game was created; Woundle. Much like its inspiration, Wordle, Woundle is designed to test your vocabulary and help you learn new terms from the wound care trade. 

How To Play Woundle

Play Woundle Now

Each week, on Woundle Wednesday’s, the new word is based on 1 of 3 wound care tracks - Clinical, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, and Operations. Each Woundle word features education for the player to learn more about how that term fits into wound care with easy to read flash cards, as well as videos, and an In-Practice section that provides insight to applying the information in the center. Our goal is for everyone to be familiar with each part of the industry, with more knowledge comes better care. 

"Wound Care Education is dry. Often boring. No matter how much you love the profession or your patients, becoming more knowledgeable about this industry can be a chore. Our goal was to make learning about all of the aspects in wound care easier, and much more enjoyable. I think Woundle is a great first step.”

Mike Comer, CEO and Founder of Wound Care Advantage

At Wound Care Advantage, we take Education seriously, and with Woundle, we hope to bring more valuable education to the industry, as well as awareness of wound care through a simple fun word game. Test your Wound Care knowledge every Woundle Wednesday here. 

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