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September 26, 2022

Steal This Crash Course

Chris Schellenbach

Wound Care Advantage Introduces a Free Crash Course Series on Leading a Wound Care Program

Delayed wound care can mean a limb or a life, many times both, for a patient with a non-healing wound. With the rate of patients living with a chronic wound nearing the 7 million mark in the United States, and 2 million of those suffering from a diabetic foot ulcer, the need for advanced wound care is greater than ever.

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However, in the midst of this “silent” epidemic, wound care programs are finding themselves having to fight to keep their doors open. And when they are open, many are without the support they deserve. Which is why keeping every center open and financially viable has been our mission for the last 20 years. Within these trying times, we want to offer more than just words of wisdom with our “Steal This” series available to all wound care programs throughout the nation.

“Steal This” is exactly what it sounds like. We want all programs to steal our ready-made resources and wound care education to use immediately. This is in hopes to help ease some of the stress wound care programs are facing in today’s world, and be a figure of support to all in the industry. Afterall, we are all working towards the same goal; saving the limbs and lives of patients.

The first “Steal This” will be the release of the Program Leadership Crash Course series. In this free course for industry leaders, we help navigate the challenges of day to day tasks, and will cover all aspects of running a successful program. Along with each topic is a supplemental resource book that includes need to know information, questions you should be asking yourself, and action steps to do today. Steal it, use it, and heal more wounds with the Program Leadership crash course where we give back the wisdom, knowledge, and experience we’ve gained through-out the 20 years of supporting wound centers.

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