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May 11, 2022

The Value of a Wound Care Nurse

Christina Le

Our clinics on average, heal wounds faster than the national average, allowing us to save the lives and limbs of our patients. There is a lot that makes this possible, from our technology to our 20 years experience in the wound care space. But without our nurses, it simply wouldn’t be possible. Wound care nurses are at the frontlines of all our wound clinics in The WCA Network.

This week is National Nurses Week, so we wanted to talk about why our nurses love wound care so much and how you can get started in this incredible speciality.

Connecting with the Patients

Our nurses consistently tell us that the highlight of their job is getting to know the patients and being a part of their healing journey. Wound care patients are seen on a weekly basis and sometimes more if they are being treated with hyperbaric oxygen therapy. During this time nurses get to know them and their families. It makes it all the more rewarding when a patient’s wound finally heals and they ring the bell as they leave the clinic for the last time.

Solving Problems

Every wound that comes into our center requires a unique treatment plan. Being a part of the problem solving required to help our patients is often cited as what makes wound care so engaging and interesting. By collaborating across treatment teams and applying the latest technology and methods in our field, our nurses find the work of healing patients engaging and interesting.

How Do I Get Started?

There are several certifications you can earn to start your career in wound care nursing. It can be a bit complicated, so we compared the cost and pros and cons of each of them in a recent blog post. Check it out here.

Join The WCA Network

Last year, WCA was voted one the best places to work in L.A. by the Los Angeles Business Journal. Join our team and see why. WCA and our partners are looking to hire nurses interested in starting a career in wound care. We have open positions with partners across the country so check out our careers page here and get started today.

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