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December 8, 2022

The Best of the Best: 20 Years Supporting Wound Centers

Chris Schellenbach

Please forgive me. I’m about to be extremely self-serving. 20 Years in Wound Care is a BIG. DEAL. And we don’t care who we tell or who knows! We’ve kicked-the-butts of wounds, helped save limbs, and preserved quality of life for countless patients! For TWENTY-YEARS! So excuse us as we celebrate a little. Tell grandma to put her orthopedic insoles in because we’re dancing tonight!

Seeing our clients succeed and patients' lives transform has been the most rewarding thing about what we do.  However, our success is also because of the amazing team that makes up WCA. There’s a lot of talent and ambition that has to come together to create innovative solutions and technology that truly empower hospitals to operate clinically and financially successful wound programs. We want to thank them for their efforts over 20 years. We also would like to thank all of the hospitals that gave a company like Wound Care Advantage a chance, and agreed there was a better way to operate a wound center. To celebrate all of this, we wanted to highlight some of our favorite stories about our patients, clients, and well, about us! It’s what inspires us to keep innovating. We hope you enjoy looking at our last 20 years! 

Unfortunately, our job isn’t done so we’ll have to continue on our mission of saving the limbs and lives of patients by ensuring every hospital can provide access to a wound program. So buckle up for the next 20 years! Here we go!

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