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November 1, 2022

Steal This Diabetes Month Resource Kit

Kallie Christensen

To celebrate November’s National Diabetes Awareness Month, Wound Care Advantage does not want to focus on the statistics of Diabetes. Like the 37 million people suffering from diabetes, or the fact that up to 34% of those patients will develop a foot ulcer in their lifetime, and that DFUs are the number one leading cause of non-traumatic amputations. Instead, we realize that Diabetes is not going anywhere anytime soon, nor is the knowledge that if not managed properly, diabetes can lead to serious and fatal outcomes. 

This is why this November, WCA is giving Wound Programs a Diabetes Month Resource Kit to build awareness of diabetes and the high risk of chronic wounds. With 70% of diabetic foot ulcers ending in amputation and leading to a 2-year life expectancy after surgery, wound care programs deserve the support and resources to save the limbs and lives of all patients. 

Our Diabetes Month Kit will supply your program with:

  • ✅ Diabetes Community Education Flier
  • ✅ Video: How Living with Diabetes Increases your Risk of Chronic Wounds Video
  • ✅ Diabetes Infographic
  • ✅ Video: Diabetes Infographic for social media
  • ✅ Patient education and prevention flier
  • ✅ DFU patient education video

Our goal is to spread awareness and knowledge of the high risk of chronic wounds that diabetic patients face. Even with the disease of diabetes keeping its alarmingly quick growth rate, the population of patients that develop an ulcer that leads to an amputation does not have to. Join us in building the awareness that 70% of DFU patients do not need to end with an amputation this November. 

Included Resources:

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