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February 15, 2024

Product Pondering: Impressed to Compress

Jillian Rivera

Cue the music! 🎶 We are the champions my friends..🎶 

I was shocked to find out that 3-5 million people live with Lymphedema in the United States. Treatment and maintenance includes compression therapy. Compression Wraps can range from $60 to over $100 for one sleeve. That is a big out of pocket expense for patients to afford for treatment and prevention, until now!

The Lymphedema Treatment Act (LTA) is a federal law that went into effect on 1/1/24 to improve insurance coverage for the diagnosis of Lymphedema allowing coverage of compression supplies. The LTA only directly mandates Medicare coverage, however, it will indirectly benefit all patients, because almost all other insurance plans follow Medicare coverage guidelines. 

So let's ponder some of my favorite compression wraps! 

Patients are often unsure if they are applying the right amount of pressure when putting on their wraps. Circaid Juxtalite by mediUSA has a built-in compression system to ensure accurate compression prescribed.

One of my favorite features is the inner sleeve. Ease Adjust by Therafirm offers a one piece design that supports the wrap so the patient can easily apply it by themselves. 

I was impressed at the high quality of Juzo Compression Calf Wrap and their price point is one of the lowest. One wrap with the inner sleeve feature for an out of pocket average of $15! 

Getting the wrap to stay in place and durability is what the FarrowWrap 4000 by Jobst is all about. In addition to offering the inner sleeve, it also includes 4 straps with durable velcro brand tabs that can be easily adjusted.

There are many features to compare. Finding the right wrap that your patient loves will prevent future skin breakdown.  No matter how you size it up, ordering a compression wrap for your patient today is the right squeeze they need.

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