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January 20, 2020

Wound Care Advantage Launches FlightPlan 2.0, the Next Generation of its Innovative Wound Care Referral Platform

Norma Marlowe

When Wound Care Advantage launched its innovative FlightPlan technology platform two years ago, it revolutionized the way program directors connected with physicians and grew their centers. By adopting this first-of-its-kind, algorithm-based referral program, WCA partners were able to increase physician referrals by 30 percent and patient visits by an incredible 38 percent. 

Released today, FlightPlan 2.0 provides even more new and exciting tools to program directors seeking growth and new business.

With the new 2.0 version, the mobile capabilities of FlightPlan have been optimized, letting program directors turn on a dime when plans change or appointments cancel. With the press of a button, nearby physicians that match search criteria populate the map in real time, making it simple to add impromptu visits to their route and making every second more efficient and productive.

“Route planning and mapping have always been a key function of FlightPlan,” said Nick Keezer, CTO of Wound Care Advantage. “We know that every minute not spent in the field is a lost opportunity for community education. The new updates and features will save time handling administrative tasks so our program directors and liaisons can spend more time connecting with physicians.” 

Added functionality to the note-taking module lets program directors easily document their work in the field, allowing for more powerful and purposeful reporting that lets them stay ahead without getting lost in endless handwritten notes. 

With design updates throughout, mobile optimizations and new functionality, FlightPlan continues to evolve so WCA partners can focus on what matters: building the relationships that grow and strengthen their wound care and hyperbaric medicine centers.

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