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December 4, 2018

With Physician Burnout at an All-Time High, Wound Care Advantage Launches Industry's First Virtual Scribe Service

Norma Marlowe

Wound Care Advantage today announced the launch of WCA Virtual Scribe, a new service destined to change the course of the wound care industry by reducing the time it takes for physicians to complete patient documentation tasks.



A recent study by the Annals of Family Medicine* reveals that doctors spend more than half of their workday on electronic health records (EHRs), contributing to work-life imbalance, dissatisfaction, high rates of attrition, and a burnout rate exceeding 50 percent. WCA Virtual Scribe provides wound care physicians with an answer: a real-time remote collaborator, or scribe, with a deep understanding of wound care and hyperbaric medicine. During patient visits, WCA’s Virtual Scribe connects with the physician in real time and assists with documentation, offers EHR support, and frees up time so they can focus on patients.

“When we first began developing the service, our partner physicians made it very clear to us that they were overwhelmed with administrative tasks,” said Mike Comer, CEO of Wound Care Advantage. “We developed WCA Virtual Scribe to reduce physician stress, offer expert support, and to make life easier for the doctor as well as the patient.”

During development, Comer and his team visited several outpatient partner hospitals and selected a handful of physicians with a keen interest in reducing documentation time. After a yearlong trial program, WCA Virtual Scribe is now operational and available to WCA partners nationwide.

Hutchinson Regional Medical Center in Hutchinson, Kansas was one of the first clinics to use the service.       

“Virtual Scribe from Wound Care Advantage is a really great service,” said Terence McDonald, M.D., Medical Director of Hutchinson Regional Medical Center’s Outpatient Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine Center. “I can focus more of my energy on patient care, and I feel less fatigued at the end of the day because I don’t have to worry about completing documentation. The quality of my notes is much better, as well as my quality of life. I don’t have to stress about documentation, and my workday finishes at a decent hour.”



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