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February 3, 2014

Industry Leaders Partner to Bring Google Glass to Wound Care

Melissa Bailey

Wound Care Advantage (WCA), a wound care service company, and Pristine, the only company that's developed commercially available Glass-based software that meets HIPAA regulations, have partnered to bring Google Glass into an outpatient wound care setting for the first time.

Google Glass is wireless, hands free and supports first person perspectives -- all of which presents incredible opportunities to improve wound care delivery. The device will be implemented at Wound Care Advantage's partnering wound centers.

"The fastest way to treat a patient is to have the experts see the issue as quickly as possible, allowing for rapid treatment," said Mike Comer, CEO of Wound Care Advantage. "The longer it takes to get a patient to appropriate experts, the higher the likelihood that the wound can become either life threatening or require an amputation. More than 62 percent of all amputees will die within five years. Pristine's Google Glass app, EyeSight, goes a long way to helping WCA enable better outcomes," Comer said.

Google Glass will improve clinical productivity and enable nurses, clinicians and physicians to see and treat greater numbers of patients. The technology used in outpatient services will also be used in inpatient care to help ensure that patients continue to receive proper care.

"Telemedicine is no longer the future, it is here and cutting-edge companies like Wound Care Advantage and Pristine have created an approach to successfully meet HIPAA compliance, improve the patient experience and conquer wound care from a distance, with Google Glass," said Kurt Arisohn, COO of Wound Care Advantage.

"Our mission is to deliver safer, more effective care through Glass technology," said Kyle Samani, CEO of Pristine. "We look forward to working with and learning from Wound Care Advantage and their hospital partners."


Founded in 2002, Wound Care Advantage's mission is to heal patients quickly by building strong partnerships with wound centers across the country. Wound Care Advantage provides a variety of services to assist wound centers in developing clinically and financially successful programs. Using a service-based management approach, Wound Care Advantage focuses over a decade of experience on the core belief that hospitals should control their own destiny. Wound Care Advantage is a privately held company headquartered in Sierra Madre, Calif. For more information, please visit Wound Care Advantage's website at


Pristine is delivering the next generation of telehealth communications solutions optimized for Google Glass in healthcare environments. EyeSight, Pristine's flagship app, enables wireless, handsfree, first person, HIPAA-compliant audio/video streaming from Glass to authorized iOS devices, Android devices, Macs, and PCs. ER staff, emergency responders, and wound care staff are using EyeSight in live patient care environments today to beam in physician consults where it was never possible before. Surgeons are using EyeSight to deliver unprecedented opportunities in medical education. Other uses are being pioneered. More information can be found at,, and by following @PristineIO on Twitter.

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