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May 19, 2022

Luvo: Huddle Up!

Daniel Tozier

“If you feel your center is not the well-oiled machine it could be, a morning huddle is the best way to get there.”

- Christina Le, WCA CNO

The first 15 minutes sets the tone for the rest of the day for you and your staff. Putting together a morning meeting used to mean coming in early, going through your list of patients for that day, searching for potential issues, and putting all that information into a report.

The Huddle Up! tool was designed to automate this process and now it’s available to every center in The WCA Network. Huddle Up! offers an instant breakdown of incoming patients so you can lead an effective morning meeting before the day begins. The report includes:

  • All visits scheduled for the day 
  • New patients coming to your center for the first time
  • Scheduled patients who are healing slower than expected
  • Patients coming in for the day that are on track to qualify for HBOT treatments
  • A summary of patients who missed their visit the previous day.

Holding a morning huddle ensures your team starts the day off, not just on the right foot, but the same foot. Start today and see an immediate improvement in your center’s operations.

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