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March 19, 2024

FAQ: Volume Growth by WCA

Chris Schellenbach

Q: How does WCA support wound centers with Volume Growth?

A: At WCA, we understand the challenges of low referrals and the importance of consistent patient flow. Our Volume Growth Solutions are designed to ensure consistent patient flow to your center. Through innovative technology, strategic planning, community engagement, and social media campaigns, we bolster patient acquisition, driving volume growth and ultimately improving outcomes for both patients and providers.

Q: What is FlightPlan? Why is it beneficial to our clients?

A: FlightPlan is our cutting-edge Volume Improvement Technology, designed to streamline the patient acquisition process for wound centers. It simplifies the task of finding and connecting with local physicians, ensuring a steady flow of referrals. FlightPlan saves time and resources by simplifying the task of finding and connecting with local physicians, ensuring a steady flow of referrals and enhancing communication between providers. FlightPlan empowers our clients to maximize their patient volume with ease and efficiency.

Q: What about social media? How can you help my digital footprint?

A: Our Monthly Social Media Campaigns are expertly crafted to enhance your digital footprint and increase awareness of your wound center's services within the community. Leveraging targeted content and engaging visuals, we ensure that your center remains top-of-mind among potential patients and referring physicians. Through strategic content and PR, we help amplify your online presence, driving engagement and ultimately increasing patient referrals to your center.

Q: Why is community education so important in wound care?

A: Wound care requires extensive community education due to its unique nature and complexities. Unlike other medical services, wound care often involves long-term management and interdisciplinary collaboration. Many individuals may not fully understand the importance of seeking specialized care for non-healing wounds, leading to delayed treatment and potentially severe consequences. By actively engaging with the community through educational initiatives, we aim to raise awareness about the significance of wound care, promote early intervention, and ultimately improve patient outcomes.

Q: How will improving volume in my clinic impact my center and our hospital? What’s the bottom line?

A: Improving volume in your clinic not only enhances the efficiency and sustainability of your center but also contributes to the overall success of the hospital. Increased patient volume translates to higher revenue and collections, bolstering financial stability and allowing for further investment in resources and infrastructure. Moreover, a thriving wound center demonstrates the hospital's commitment to providing comprehensive care, attracting patients and referring physicians alike. Ultimately, the bottom line is improved patient outcomes, reduced healthcare costs, and a stronger, more resilient healthcare system.

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