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April 12, 2024

FAQ: Compliance Support by WCA

Michael Curran

Q: How does WCA support wound centers with compliance needs? 

A: Success in wound care requires compliance with all the different agencies that govern it. We understand these unique challenges and support our clients with the following services: Audit Support, Documentation Review, Regulatory Tracking, Denial Support, Authorization Review, EMR support, and Compliance based Education. By focusing on these areas we ensure centers are secure and risk is mitigated.

Q: How does WCA help ensure I’m up to date with regulatory changes and updates?

A: We keep a vigilant eye on NCDs and LCDs, ensuring your team is always informed of changes that could impact your wound care services in real time through our LCD Tracker tool. Our experts provide practical insights and guidance to navigate these changes, ensuring compliance and operational excellence. 

Q: What about audits? How can WCA help?

A: Facing an audit is daunting. Our team is your ally, guiding you through every step of the process. From addressing probes to implementing corrective plans, we're here to ensure a smooth and successful outcome. We don't just help you navigate; we equip you with the knowledge and tools for continuous success and future audit prevention.

Q: What if I have a denied claim? How does WCA help with that? 

A: Denials can be a significant setback, but our team is ready to dive deep into the challenge. With expertise in debridement, HBO, and CTP billing, our experts review your claim and offer actionable strategies to fight denials if the denial is not warranted. It's about more than reclaiming lost revenue; it's about refining your processes for better outcomes.

Q: Can you help prevent future denials? 

A:  Our HBO and CTP Authorization Team reviews authorizations before they are submitted to CMS, providing immediate feedback to ensure accuracy and completeness. This proactive approach minimizes service denials and ultimately lowers risk of an audit. It also ensures your patients receive the care they need without delay, and that your center receives proper reimbursement for the services provided.

Q: How does WCA ensure my documentation is correct?

A: Our Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) Team reviews documentation and when required, provides feedback to ensure medical necessity is met according to the Local Coverage Determinant (LCD) and National Coverage Determinant (NCD) of the program. Additionally, we provide clinicians with detailed information and access to education that makes the documentation requirements and regulations easier to understand.

Q: Why does compliance matter? What’s the bottom line? 

A: Regulations governing Wound Care are exceptionally strict, dictating every aspect of the operations with the center. Compliance matters because it ensures the adherence to all regulations, in return safeguarding patient care and financial stability. Bottom line? It saves limbs, lives, and dollars. Compliance is more than following the rules; it's about delivering exceptional care while protecting the sustainability of your center's future.

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