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February 22, 2023

How We Do It: Clinical Support by WCA

Kallie Christensen

Support is defined as a thing that bears the weight of something or keeps it upright. And here at Wound Care Advantage, we take that definition to heart. We are here to help wound centers stay upright in the trying times, and the easy times, helping them build a sustainable foundation that allows them to build a successful center. Clinical operations is one area that WCA supports on an ongoing basis by providing the tools and resources for clinicians to do their job effectively and efficiently. Here’s what a few of our clients have to say about the level of support they receive from Wound Care Advantage.

Take a glimpse into how WCA supports Clinical Operations from a Q&A with Vice President of Clinical Operations, Angela Pettaway - MSA, BSN, WCC, RN:

Q: What does WCA do differently when it comes to supporting clinic operations? 

A: We are willing to listen, and in collaboration with clinic leaders, develop plans of actions tailored to address the identified areas of concern. Every program has different needs and we help provide that flexibility for our clients. It’s not one size fits all. All our solutions are customized to the needs of that program.

Q: What level of support is offered to WCA clients?

A: The support WCA provides includes a dedicated regional team composed of a Regional Director of Operations, Regional Clinical Coordinator, and a Luvo Liaison.  In addition, our Medical Director is available to provide physicians and providers with guidance and support. In many cases, our Luvo Liaisons are available to assist with directing questions and aligning resources to address the center’s needs.  The WCA Network via Luvo Portal is available on demand providing a myriad of resources for which the Regional teams are available to assist you in locating the correct resource.   

Q: What is the one clinical operations area you find centers needing the most support in?

A: Most centers find themselves needing support in their documentation process, including understanding the requirements and why reviewing is a necessity. Documentation is always tricky because regulations are updated frequently and we provide guidance to our programs to keep them compliant and profitable by ensuring that documentation meets medical necessity.

Q: How does WCA offer documentation support?

A: We offer support through our documentation guides, hotlines, and Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) team. The documentation guides provide clinicians with information in a detailed format that makes the documentation requirements and regulations easier to understand.  The resource “Hotlines” provides another level of support to the clinical team to ensure the documentation meets medical necessity for the selected treatment modality/plan.   Our programs have continued support when reviewing potential Cellular Tissue Products (CTP) & Hyperbaric Oxygen (HBO) patients. The CDI team supports documentation as well by providing feedback to ensure medical necessity is met according to the local Local Coverage Determinant (LCD) and National Coverage Determinant (NCD) of the program.  The team provides a risk assessment on key elements and allows teams timely feedback for the proposed treatment plan or adjunctive therapy. 

Q: Is there anything additional you would like to add in regards to our clinical support offerings? Are there any other ways WCA provides clinical support?

A: Any center needing clinical support should participate in educational and skill development opportunities, utilize the resources within the Luvo Portal, and above all else, never hesitate to reach out to their regional team for assistance. Our regional teams are a phone call or email away to support the center’s clinical needs. Wound Care Advantage’s goal is to assist wound care programs in the fight against amputation and to improve the lives of our patients. We focus on our clients' needs to allow them to put the patient first.

Do you have questions on Clinical Operations? WCA is here to support you. Drop us a line to discuss ways to provide support to your clinical team and the patients you serve daily. 

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