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October 8, 2019

Healing Country: The Need for Specialized Wound Care, Everywhere

Norma Marlowe

Isolated from big cities and the medical institutions that go along with them, people in rural communities often struggle to get the health care they deserve. The prevalence of high risk factors in these areas, like diabetes and heart disease, has created a silent but growing epidemic: non-healing wounds. 

Today, nearly 7 million people across the country have a chronic wound on the lower limbs or feet, putting them at risk of amputation. Recent studies show that the five-year mortality rate after amputation runs as high as 80 percent. With specialized care, this scenario can be avoided.

This video, “Healing Country,” emphasizes the need for specialized wound care and hyperbaric medicine programs at community hospitals. With proper treatment focused on healing and limb preservation, patients can have better lives, no matter where they live.

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