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March 21, 2019

Value-Based Wound Care: Healthcare Finance and Revenue Cycle Management

Rylan Smith

Last week I had the honor of moderating the opening panel at the Semi-Annual Healthcare Financial Forum hosted by Chicago-based Q1 Productions. Healthcare professionals from across the country traveled to the Windy City to share ideas and best practices, and to learn from the experiences of fellow attendees. We discussed everything from operational efficiencies to revenue cycle improvements.  

This wasn’t just a conference of acute care hospitals, but all types of facilities that deliver quality care to our populations – each with a unique and interesting care delivery model. In a session that I lead on changing payer models in the market, I realized why the format of the forum was so effective. This conference didn’t focus on grand presentations. It was a meaningful, in-depth discussion and an open exchange of ideas. 

A California Story
A hospital executive from the Midwest made the remark that he loved to hear from people from California, because what starts there eventually moves East. He could take the ideas back home and implement them before they became reality over the next couple of years.

Key Takeaways
Healthcare in the United States is moving very quickly to value-based care. In order to be successful in the long term, hospitals, health systems and integrated delivery networks need to be able read the future and act quickly. Learning from shared experiences is an ideal way to do this. 

A Recommendation
If you have the opportunity to attend Q1 session like this, or if you have a regional conference in your area, I highly encourage you make the investment and attend.  Everyone I met has a firm commitment to improving the quality of care they deliver to their population. We will only succeed by sharing our wealth of knowledge with each other.


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