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December 3, 2015

Ten Tenets in Action

Melissa Bailey

Several weeks ago there was an emergency situation in our corporate office. Two of our employees, Carol Schaub and Kim Valerio, greatly exhibited the type of character that we are most proud of at Wound Care Advantage. They were quick thinking and compassionate.Carol and Kim’s efforts are a great reminder for all of us that Wound Care Advantage was founded on the core believe of Ten Tenets. When our HR team and department heads seek out new team members to join us, we search for individuals who exhibit the 10 tenets. We also expect all existing members to actively think about how they are using these points to represent themselves and the company on a daily basis. Here are the 10 tenets that Wound Care Advantage was founded on.

Communication: We recognize that our partners and our team are our greatest assets and we do our best to stay connected to them.

Value:We continuously search for ways to deliver more value to our partners and stay ahead of the competition.

Agility:We are agile and make course corrections when and where needed, and realize that failures are sometimes necessary in order to create change.

Respect:We follow the Golden Rule principle in our treatment of others.

Entrepreneurship: We value, and reward entrepreneurship, resourcefulness, teamwork, smart risk-taking and innovation.

Experience: We value real world experience and practical application in the business and practice of healthcare over anything else.

Honor:We believe in honoring our word.

Compassion:We believe in practicing fairness and compassion.

Personal Responsibility:We expect our team to take personal responsibility for their actions and strive to do better moving forward.

Community:We value the communities we serve and work in and therefore do what we can to make a difference in them.

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