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March 25, 2014

Marketing A Wound Center Can Be Difficult and Requires Expert Help

Melissa Bailey

Our marketing team at Wound Care Advantage has been spending a lot of time this year focused on wound center marketing efforts. The staffs at wound centers need to learn the skills required to find the wound care patients in a very competitive environment. Chances are that your hospital system is not the only one with a wound center within driving distance for your patients, so it takes strategic marketing  to penetrate the noise and reach your target audience.

It all starts with a plan, and that planning never really ends. Our team is constantly strategizing how to find patients and educate them about non-healing and advanced wounds before they even need to know about them. We have also found that solid graphics and print materials, as well as creating a physician referral program are key to your wound center’s growth. We believe that great PR goes far beyond the press release.We teach our clients that video, social media, list building and blogging are strong tools to spread their programs message, as well as communicate with their audience.

Marketing a wound clinic is hard work that encompasses many components and hours. Ensuring that clinicians are engaged in this important process is important. However, most clinicians working in wound centers are not marketing experts.They need our help to guide them and educate their teams about proven strategies that work.

Nicole Walker, our PR and Marketing Director recently wrote an article for Wounds International about all of these topics.For a list of our ten tips for marketing your wound center, click here. For more information on our Wound Care Advantage Shockwave marketing module, click here

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