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April 16, 2012

Wall Street Journal Is Focused On Wound Care Today!

Mike Comer

I was very pleased to read an excellent article in today's Wall Street Journal regarding Wound Care and focusing on the approach at Montefiore Medical Center. I was happy to see the focus on the need, approach, financial impact, and overall benefit a comprehensive approach provides rather than simply a focus on one therapy such as Hyperbaric Oxygen. The article was well written and echoes the issues we as an industry are already aware of. And then, just as I was firing off links to the article, a new post on the WSJ Health Blog popped up delving even deeper into the business and challenges of our Wound Care industry. I was estatic. Two great articles ahead of this weeks SAWC conference in Atlanta. Not to mention I have been stuck on a plane all day thanks to to an emergency landing due to a medical issue on board, so I have had plenty of time to read both items! (I do not recommend getting to Florida from LA by way of Las Vegas, Detroit, and Atlanta on the same day!) The blog identified issues that we have seen time and time again as we help hospitals turn around their wound center, or help them take it over from a management company. One of the most common is difficulty in determining which dressing should be selected and when. They discussed the Johns Hopkins Study that is currently underway . The article also quoted Dr. Gerald Lazarus, who identified the challenge in finding the right therapy and products for these patients by the clinical teams treating them. One newcomer to our industry may have a possible approach to helping improve that issue; Wound Guru, a new web based community, promises to help identify the best product for specific wound types based on the clinicians input, providing financial information and access to others in the industry to get their opinions and suggestions. They are currently in Beta. Could be promising.I hope that both of these media opportunities will help showcase an important industry that is just beginning to grow!

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