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April 8, 2011

Wound Care Management Company

Mike Comer

I greatly appreciate your taking the time to wander around our new site. The goal was to make it simple. This focus follows our company in how we work with hospitals and develop programs; make it simple. We feel that hospitals should have the ability to run their own program and we provide the know-how, support, and tools to do so. Whether the hospital wants to start from scratch, would like to take an existing program in-house, or has a program that doesn't seem to be profitable or working right, we have an approach for that. The environment for outpatient wound care programs is changing quickly. Reimbursement changes, ACO's, and financial pressure being applied to hospitals unlike anything we have ever seen before, all point to the need for a different type of Wound Center model. One where the hospitals can retain the revenue yet still have the tools and support needed to ensure the ongoing success of their program. That is our model.It's Your hospital, It should be Your Wound Program.See? Simple.

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