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December 23, 2009

Remembering Geoff

Mike Comer

Several months ago, I went to the City of Hope, a hospital specializing in cancer treatments, to visit a family member. Whenever the nurse came into the room , my cousin hung on every word she said. Her actions, and her questions meant more to him than anything else in the world. That caregiver was his lifeline.Most of us have had that moment in healthcare somewhere, when things just clicked, and we realized that we were able to have a significant impact on someone else's life, I think that moment, no matter how cynical we may have become, is something that turns our job into a career, or for many of us, a cause.I bring this up as we go into 2010, because I think it is important to reflect on why we are all in healthcare in the first place. Watching my cousin go through what he did, reminded me why I got involved with Wound Care over 15 years ago.Danny Lopez once said; " People will tell you to find something you like and do it for a living, I say, find something you hate, and do something about it. That way, you will always have a reason to get up in the morning."As for my cousin, he has been in remission, and has chosen to become a RN. I am looking forward to watching how this 6'4" former tow-truck driver evolves into the exceptional nurse I know he will become.** Update: Unfortunately, my cousin passed away from cancer this past fall. At only 35, it was a loss on many, many, levels. The bright point is one of his closest friends has found his calling in wound care since my cousin's passing and has been an exceptional asset at our VHH program in CA. Out of every tragedy, there is some good.

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