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August 20, 2009

Wound Care Advantage

Mike Comer

Over eighty-million people were born between 1946 and 1964. This translates into the largest number of seniors ever experienced in the United States. These seniors are also experiencing the highest levels of Diabetes, Vascular Disease, Obesity and wounds ever seen in our history.Over the next two decades these baby-boomers will put an unprecedented strain on Social Security and Medicare.In the mid 1940’s, 42 workers supported each retiree. Today, that ratio is down to only three workers per retiree, and when the boomers have all retired, it will shrink to one. Because of rising medical costs, Medicare is in the worst position. The hospital insurance portion of that program is already dipping into its shrinking reserves.With these issues on the way, and an uncertain plan for Healthcare reform, it is even more imperative than ever before, that hospitals carefully manage every dollar.A profitable out-patient program like Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine will only see it’s demand increase with this aging population and the high prevalence of Diabetes. However, retaining the revenue generated will become paramount. The Wound Care Advantage team has been keenly aware of this dynamic and developed our e-wound and WCA program specifically with these demographic changes in mind. A Wound program can help lower your Length of Stay, assist in minimizing "Never-Events" as related to wounds, manage patients with several co-morbidities in an out-patient environment, and bring in much needed revenue to hospital quickly and consistently.By providing the lowest cost solution for our partners, we provide them the Advantage of being prepared for the coming storm.

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